Shaver machine charger


As part of the «Shaver machine charger» series, I work with my own archive of photographs, which I reassemble and partially turn into fiction, constructing a narrative from separate memories taken out of context. Thus, a «random harmony» of spaces, places and images is created, in a sense reminiscent of an unconscious dream. It all becomes similar to how our memory works, and how memories are distorted over time. For me, this method of assembly and collage makes it possible to intervene in past events and wanderings. I would describe it as «magic realism» when «interferences» and «breakdowns» in the perception of reality are barely perceptible. In my practice I refer to the tradition of realistic painting, herewith striving to crystallize the intersection of the illusory and the possible. I am interested in investigating how they both look at the universal.

Stadium, 150×110 cm. oil on canvas, 2022

Visitor, 150×110 cm, oil on canvas, 2021

Stairs. 130×130 cm, oil on canvas, 2022

Dolphins, 170×220 cm, oil on canvas, 2022

Cat, 170×100 cm, oil on canvas, 2021

Reflection, 90×90 cm, oil on canvas, 2022

Cityscape, 150×150 cm, oil on canvas, 2023