2023 «Byl»


A series of ceramic objects «Hide and Seek», referring to the bas-reliefs and sculptures from the fountains next to the cinema «Byl». The artist remembered these images during her winter trip to Stary Oskol — snow-covered animal figures, referring to the shimmering images of the past, transferred to the present. The themes of memory and heritage play an important role in the creation of this series. Ekaterina Gerasimenko refers to a kind of archeology of the future: objects are similar to archaeological fossils, skeletons protruding from under the snow, as if standing out from material reality.

This series is an open reflection on nostalgia. By materializing and distorting memories of the past, Ekaterina creates a potential vision of the future, preserved in the artistic space. By focusing on images-memories, the artist gives the viewer the opportunity to get in touch with artifacts that carry a distorted temporality.

‘Hide and Seek’ series, installation view, photo: Egor Slizyak, ©CCA ‘Byl’

Crocodile, 25.3х18.5х6.5 cm, stoneware, glazes. 2023
Frog, 20.4x16x5.2 cm, stoneware, engobe, glazes, 2023
Turtle, 23.3×16.7×8 cm, stoneware, engobe, glazes, 2023
Snail, 17.5×13.5×5 cm, stoneware, engobe, glazes, 2023